Global One-Pak celebrates 10 years of innovation and service in 2013

Celebrating 10 years in business in 2013, Global One-Pak directors, Clive Broadbent and Bharat Mistry, believe their success lies in exemplary service levels and by constantly challenging the market with new product innovations. 

GOP’s infrastructure provides flexibility and keeps overheads low, essential with their passion for innovation in what is currently a stagnant market.

GOP has invested in 50+ worldwide design registrations for personal care and household products, which include innovative designs under branded trademarks such as ‘G’ series, ‘J’ series, PURO and CLASSIC.

The crystal clear actuator of PURO designed by GOP in 2010 is unique and underlines the assurance of purity for fragrances and lotions that only an external pump spring can offer. As well as being appealing to the eye and very affordable, its design and function makes it suitable for a wide range of personal care products, adding value and visual enhancement to a great many brands.  The CLASSIC lotion pump combines the innovation of the latest aesthetics and technology introduced with PURO, with a conventional look and feel of atraditional actuator.

In 2011 GOP introduced steriGOP™  the world’s first antibacterial packaging for the healthcare, catering and janitorial markets. steriGOP™ helps control germs and reduce the spread of bacteria on dispensing packs, including trigger sprays and lotion pumps.

There has also been the revolutionary GOPvent which boasts one of the most advanced combinations of features on the market, ensuring no paneling or bloating. The sophisticated trigger spray uses passive venting tri-layer cap liner technology to cope with liquids which require the release of gas under hot conditions and pressure build up during irradiation.

GOP will also be unveiling its latest range of decoration techniques at this year’s Packaging Innovations Show to help their customer’s products look more distinct in the marketplace.

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