Looking after your products

Our reputation for quality and service is supported by our strict development process. This ensures that products are delivered on time and specifically to our customers’ requirements. We are always on hand to help with new brands as well as any technical and development challenges that our larger customers require.

Looking after your products
  1. Compatibility

    We can help to conduct compatibility testing through an accredited laboratory. With the latest equipment we can facilitate customers’ own tests or adopt GOP protocols for component compatibility, performance testing etc.

  2. Specification

    From initial customer requirements a detailed specification will be drawn up to detail colours, component changes, dip tube lengths etc.

  3. Sampling

    Before ordering, final samples are made to the agreed specification for approval by the customer.

  4. Production control

    Our production is strictly managed using ISO9001 processes. During final assembly all dispensers are 100% tested for leakages.

  5. QC order inspection

    All orders undergo final detailed QC tests using AQL levels. GOP is flexible to enable customer specific tests to be conducted.

  6. Delivered goods

    All cartons are clearly labeled including customer’s own reference codes and there is full traceability back to production batches.